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Stay organized and prepared… on any budget.

Pay yearly, with no hidden costs or surprises! Plus, you can cancel or change your plan at any time.

$ 49 / year


No planning session included
with a certified PlanSecurely

Upto 3 No. Finacial Accounts
Upto 4 No. Assets Accounts

$ 79 / year


includes 1 Planning session
with a certified PlanSecurely

Upto 6 No. Finacial Accounts
Unlimited No. of Other Accounts

$ 117 / year


Great for Elite Advisors
and Growing Companies. Please
Contact us for more details and
Unlimited No. of Accounts

$ 450 / year


Great for Professional Advisors
and Growing Companies. Please
Unlimited access to all sections of the plan.


For a limited time, we’re letting people try PlanSecurely ABSOLUTELY FREE for 30 DAYS!
Subscribers won’t be billed for their first month.
Regular charges apply after 30 days.
We think you’ll love the peace of mind PlanSecurely provides. But you can cancel whenever you like!



Can other people edit my account?

Only if you give them permission. You can invite friends, associates and family members to be designees in your account … and give them as much, or as little, access and editing power as you would like.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription any time in the Manage My Account section of your PlanSecurely page.

Is my information safe on PlanSecurely?

Yes. We use the same level of security and encryption technology that banks and other financial institutions use.

Do I really need PlanSecurely?

If you have your important documents and account information organized and easily accessible by your loved ones, it will make life incredibly easier for them if they ever need to access them during an emergency, or after you pass away.

I don’t have a will or any other estate planning documents. Can PlanSecurely still help me?

Yes! Not only can PlanSecurely help you organize your vital documents… they can help direct you to a local advisor who can help you prepare a will and other important end of life paperwork.