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Applying for a property

Rental properties offered by Allyed Property Services are usually in high demand. You are therefore advised to apply as soon as you have found the property of your choice.

You will be asked to sign a tenancy agreeemnt


The Tenancy Agreement

This is normally an Assured Short Hold Tenancy Agreement for letting a house under Part 1 of the Housing Act 1988, for a minimum period of six months. The Agreement sets out the terms and conditions governing the Tenancy. It is signed by you as the Tenant (and by your Guarantor if applicable) and by the Landlord (or by Allyed Property Services on behalf of the Landlord).

We request that you read the Tenancy Agreement in full before signing so that you are aware of all your obligations.



Any deposits taken will be protected. The deposit is normally the equivalent of one month’s rent. It will be refunded at the end of the Tenancy, subject to any reasonable deductions as required by the Tenancy Agreement.

Student lets will not be required to give a deposit.


Rental Payments

You are contractually required to adhere strictly to the rental payment schedule as discussed and agreed as per the Tenancy Agreement.

Normally your rent is payable monthly in advance as a minimum.


Utility Accounts

All Student Letting has the Utility accounts included (e.g., Council Tax, Water, Telephone, Electricity and Gas)

Unless stated otherwise in the tenancy agreement


Internet Connection

All student lets have a fibre optic internet connection supplied.


Inventory and Condition Assessment

The Condition Assessment identifies the condition of the interior of the property.

You are required to countersign both documents. Before your departure, we will carry out a final inspection based on the Inventory and Condition Report.

Any repairs or replacements identified in the final inspection must be carried out before the end of the Tenancy.


Contents Insurance

You are responsible for insuring your own contents.



Allyed Property Services may inspect the property initially within the first month of the Tenancy and quarterly thereafter. You will be notified of the date and time of these inspections so that you can arrange to be present. You may be asked to sign a Property Inspection Report after each inspection to identify any problems and to agree in principle any required action. The GAS SAFE inspection is carried out in December of each year.


Vacation and Termination

If you vacate the property before the expiry date of the fixed term, you will have to pay the rent until a replacement Tenant is in occupation.

To terminate your Tenancy, you must give us at least three months’ notice in writing to expire on the last day of a rental period.


Here to Help

We wish to ensure that you enjoy living in the property and that the Tenancy runs smoothly. Please look after the property, pay the rent on time and notify us promptly of any problems that arise. We are here to help and we aim to conduct fair and reasonable business relationships with our Tenants.


We also work to the code of standards for private rented housing as required by our affiliated memberships the Local Authorities and Universities.



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